Time flies...

oooupsie! After Haiti I was all ambitious and stuff...then life caught up with me and I have literally not spent ANY time on my computer in forever. even less had time to do a video of the pictures from there. But I will honestly try today. 
It's been busy here as always. We have vistited Washington D.C and then Tennessee for a weekend. My Dad has been here too! Unfortunately I spent almost the whole time in bed, since I got sick. But it was amazing to finally meet him again. And it's not long until I see him and mom again. Just 17 days, and I'm turning 18 in 17 days! How that is possible I have no clue... 
Jackie and Manu waiting for the Metro
Arlington Cemetery
Funeral-train at Arlington Cemetery
The Whitehouse
Manu And I at Lincoln memorial
U.S Marine Corps War memorial (built on Swedish marble)
Ford's Theatre, Where Abraham Lincoln was assassinated
Whitehouse Selfie, after our tour inside! we got to see the dogs Bo and Sunny YAAAY 
I jave also done the make-up for the schoolmusical. The meant being at school at 5am for a week, and not leaving until late. It was worth it though, I had a blast with the cast the whole time! Not as fun to come back to classes the week after though...
Make-up team!
A little update hehe I'm pretty sure I forgot a lot of things, but I'll post those things later.